Our Capabilities

Our staff are expert in the following :

  • Hairdressing, Colouring, Perms, Optismooth
  • Threading
  • Waxing, Manicure / Pedicure & Facial
  • Electrolysis
  • Ear & Nose Piercing

Our Advantages

We are experienced

  • With the experience of over 2 decades, we are experts in all the services we provide

Price Value of Services

  • We always have reasonable and affordable prices for all of our services.

Our Principles

Our key principles for our customers:

  • No compromise to satisfaction
  • We deal with everyone equally
  • Customer’s satisfaction is our reward
  • Keeping friendly & homely environment
  • Giving a wonderful experience


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I opened the Green Lane branch during April 1994. I felt there was a niche for this kind of business for our Asian ladies who felt uncomfortable to go to a unisex salon and that I would be successful if I provided a service for ladies only. I am proud to say that i was one of the very first Asian woman to take this step and start my business in Small Heath. It was very new to all our Asian women and they were a bit reluctant to come in the beginning. At that time there were a lot of white people who lived in Small Heath and surrounding areas so majority of my clientele were white ladies who became my regulars. At the end of the first year, I had a clientele of Asian and white women and it was getting better by the day.

After the first year, I was awarded with £2,000/- from the government scheme in 1995 for running the business successfully for a whole year. I was also called on television for an interview regarding the success of my business and my interview was played on TV regularly for a few months. Over the next few years, my business grew better and better. I had good staff, a very good clientele and was very comfortable. But I had people coming for jobs all the time so I decided to open another branch which is successfully operative for the last 12 years. We have a brilliant clientele and staff in our second branch as well and this branch has proved to be even better than our first. We had an extension done and refurbished the Alum Rock Branch last year. We have a very friendly and homely atmosphere. Please come and experience it yourself!

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We are serving for more than 23 years and are pleased to keep our clients with us by providing best services in our area. We are committed to keep our services upto their best. We are grateful for our customers who provided us a great opportunity to serve them. Read More…!


Eternal Roop – Alum Rock:
Eternal Roop – Green Lane:


414 – Alum Rock & 268 – Green Lane, Birmingham.


Monday to Saturday
From 10:00To 18:00
On Every Sunday Alum Rock Branch Opens
From 11:00 To 17:00

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